Mixer matches Twitch by dropping subscription cost to $4.99

Out of luck? Save a buck.

Image via Mixer

First Ninja, then shroud. Now Mixer is targeting Twitch’s subscription prices.

Streaming service Mixer changed its subscription prices today, dropping the cost from $5.99 to $4.99 to match rival platform Twitch.

“Starting today all subscriptions will now be changing from $5.99 to $4.99 going forward when subscribing to any of your favorite Partners,” Mixer said.

While Twitch holds the vast majority of hours watched among all streaming services, Mixer is supporting its partners by lowering sub prices by $1. This may help motivate other Twitch streamers to make Mixer their new home.

The price change is likely a part of Microsoft’s continued effort to tackle Twitch head-on and make Mixer a staple in the streaming industry.

The platform first allured Fortnite star Ninja with a friendly contract that was accommodating to the streamer’s growing brand. Microsoft then set it’s eyes on FPS legend shroud, who announced his departure from Twitch on Oct. 24 with an action he believes is “the best move” for his career.

The two streamers combined for over 21 million followers on Twitch. Their absence has likely left a hole in Twitch’s hours watched, but the company still stands tall among competitors like YouTube and Facebook.

After poaching top streamers and matching sub prices, one thing is clear⁠—Mixer’s goal to equal Twitch isn’t finished yet.