Minecraft Monday week 13 scores and standings

Minecraft Monday is still going.

Image via Mojang

Former Overwatch League player Félix “xQc” Lengyel and “m0xyy” were able to pull off an incredible win last week to claim their first Minecraft Monday victory. But they’ll face some heavy competition this week.

On top of Technoblade and Wilbursoots teaming up to create a powerful duo, the combination of CaptainSparklez and Vikkstar is going to be tough in Minecraft Monday week 13.

JeromeASF and Bajan Canadian are back again and BastiGHG is going to try and reclaim his throne from week 11 alongside his new partner, Papaplatte.

If you want to keep track of all of the action this week, here are the scores, which will be updated after every round:

FirstxQc | m0xyy 1,530
SecondNinja | Nestor 1,307
ThirdTechnoblade | Wilbursoots1,292
FourthCaptainSparklez | Vikkstar 1,255
FifthJeromeASF | Bajan Canadian1,163
SixthPapaplatte | BastiGHG1,089
SeventhWisp | Courage1,043
EighthJames Charles | Traves 1,005
NinthValkyrae | Grapeapplesauce 993
10thSymfuhny | Brooke904
11thZerkaaHD | Behzinga814
12thCallMeCarson | RaccoonEgg800
13thDolanDark | Grannday 792
14thFitz | Pokimane 702
15thChandlerHallow | ChrisO2_0 – DQ

Here’s a breakdown by round and the order in which each map will be played.

  • Hunger Games (Wyvern)
  • One Shot
  • Find The Button
  • Spleef
  • Capture The Flag
  • Bingo Hunt
  • TNT Run
  • Replica
  • Hunger Games (Par12)

For the second straight week, xQc and m0xyy were able to secure the win, outlasting Ninja and Nestor and closing out their back-to-back at 1,530 points.