Method to host “Race To Level 60” broadcast for WoW Shadowlands launch

The race is on.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With less than a month left until World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is released, esports organization Method has announced plans to broadcast the “Race to Level 60” as soon as the expansion launches.

Method has risen to prominence over the past few years by marketing and publicizing grassroots WoW events, like the raid race to “World First”—and the race that player will have from level 50 to 60 at the end of the month is no different.

The primary coverage by Method’s Twitch channel will be of known WoW leveling speedrunners Shiekrunner, Permok, and Flerr, who are all likely to be among the first players to go from level 50 to 60.

None of the three players announced as a part of the broadcast are members of Method, but according to the organization, that’s not what’s important.

“We want to support and celebrate all members of our community seeking incredible feats,” Method founder Scott “Sco” McMillan said. “While these players are not official members of method, we do want to chronicle their journey on the Method stream.”

This will be the first major event that Method has hosted since it experienced a mass exodus of players and partners during the summer. 

Earlier this year, there were a handful of young women who spoke out claiming that they were victims of sexual misconduct by one of Method’s former players, MethodJosh. Due largely to the perceived mishandling of Josh’s situation by Method as an organization, many of the guild’s players left the organization, raising questions about the group’s future.

As a part of his announcement today, McMillan said the guild has refilled its roster back to 25 players, despite many leaving and joining a newly branded guild, Echo.

While this event isn’t a raid “Race to World First,” this is Method’s first opportunity to return to some degree of normalcy as the organization continues to recover from its public relations issues earlier this year.