Mega64 banned from Twitch after Christmascast 2019 stream

Mega64, a popular YouTube team, might need to stream elsewhere after receiving a ban following their Christmas special.

Image via Twitch

Fans of Mega64, a popular YouTube team, are outraged after Twitch banned and removed the group from the streaming platform following its holiday-themed stream, Christmascast 2019, last night. 

Mega64 held an eating contest on stream. During the event, one of the contestants threw up after stuffing their face, which many believe led to Mega64’s ban. The team put out a tweet shortly after saying they’ve effectively been removed from Twitch.

Fans have expressed their frustration with Twitch and supported the content makers on Twitter. Many of these tweets called for Twitch to reverse its decision, while some pointed to other controversial streamers and their conduct not being banned as an example of Twitch’s selective targeting for punishment.

The Christmascast is a yearly event for the content creators with videos dating back to 2011. Each video consists of food eating contests or a concoction of various foods put together to eat. As a result, all of them include one or more people vomiting at some point.

Mega64’s Twitch page remains banned as of this morning. It’s unknown if the ban is temporary or permanent. Fans suggested the team look to put their streams on rival platforms like YouTube or Mixer.

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Mega64 has 520,000 subscribers on YouTube and labels themselves as the home of short films, video, podcasts and apparel from the video game underworld. Dr. Ryan, a regular guest on Mega64, finished as the winner of the eating contest.