Keffals accuses political streamer of doxxing after TheOmniLiberal Twitter account is permanently suspended

Keffal's reach removes Destiny from Twitter.

Screengrab via Keffals

Twitch streamer and political activist Keffals alleged fellow streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell II of threatening to dox her and having connections with Kiwi Farms, an internet harassment group that Keffals helped dismantle.

Over the past month, Keffals was locked in an intense battle with the internet forum Kiwi Farms. Notorious for targeting online figures and communities for harassment, Kiwi Farms reportedly doxxed and swatted Keffals multiple times, all while spreading misinformation about the streamer.

After orchestrated social pressure against Cloudfare, Kiwi Farms’ sponsor, the internet protection agency, removed its DDoS-guard protection of the website. Along with dismantling the website, multiple prominent members of Kiwi Farms have reportedly been charged by German prosecutors for hate speech, cyberstalking, doxing, and more.

In the wake of her apparent victory against Kiwi Farms, Keffals is accusing that long-time political streamer Destiny of being affiliated with Kiwi Farms and threning to dox both Keffals and her family. The Twitch streamer went on to allege that Destiny threatened to sue her over accusing him of affiliating with Kiwi Farms. To support her claim, Keffals attached a Google Drive folder with links supposedly confirming his relation to the website and creator Joshua “Null” Moon.

Keffals also alerted Twitter support of the alias Destiny has been using to evade his Twitter ban, acting under the account ‘TheOmniLiberal.’ Shortly after Keffals made her accusations, TheOmniLiberal was swiftly suspended from the platform. Though Destiny has repeatedly created new Twitter accounts to dodge the user’s indefinite ban, the YouTube streamer has yet to appear on another account so far.

In the days leading up to his ban, Destiny has spent several streams rebuking prior claims made toward him and criticizing Keffal’s recent appearance on the H3H3 podcast. The former Starcraft pro appears to still be in the throws of drafting a document to address the allegations made toward him, however, given that his Twitter alias has been suspended once again, Destiny will likely only be able to release his statement through his YouTube stream.