Jae Park’s upcoming music video to feature Valkyrae, Kyedae, and Will Neff

The full music video is coming on April 8.

Screengrab via eaJ

Popular musician and content creator Jae Park previewed his latest song, “Car Crash,” in a video today featuring 100 Thieves creators Valkyrae, Kyedae, and Will Neff.

The former K-pop singer, recently rebranded to eaJ, has had a recent history with streaming content creators outside of his latest music video teaser. Park previously collaborated with OfflineTV several times when playing Among Us during the height of its popularity. The singer continued to stream on his own, even reaching Twitch partner status before eventually leaving the platform.

While the musician may no longer be active on Twitch, he certainly hasn’t cut ties with the industry altogether. Park has partnered with 100 Thieves to create a full music video for his unreleased song, “Car Crash.” Though the song that will accompany the video has not been officially released, Park has been spotted performing it several times throughout multiple venues.

The short music video teaser notably featured several 100 Thieves content creators and previewed the official version of the track. The video showed 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae speaking to Will Neff, adorned in 100 Thieves apparel, while prolific VALORANT streamer Kyedae glances and walks by. Park himself appears hanging his head before the video cuts to black.

The trio of 100 Thieves content creators is far from the first streamers to be included in relatively recent music videos. Lil Nas X featured several co-owners, streamers, and pro players in a rendition of “INDUSTRY BABY” following 100 Thieves’ LCS Championship. Valkyrae similarly appeared in Bella Poarch’s “Build a Bitch and Inferno” music videos.

The full music video for Park’s “Car Crash” is set to release on April 8 and fans will likely see more of the 100 Thieves crew then.