Is your Twitch account banned or suspended? Here is how to appeal

Get your appeals in here.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has implemented a new appeal system to aid either banned or suspended users in retrieving their account, also providing more transparency on where their account stands in the appeal process after submission.

The streaming platform has set up an all-new appeals portal at After accessing the website and logging into your account, verify your contact information, including username, email, and phone number.

Video via Twitch

The portal should show what enforcements are placed on your account that you are eligible to appeal. After selecting the ban or suspension you are attempting to appeal, users can then write in the below textbox why they are issuing an appeal. This information can be immensely helpful in retrieving your account since users are given the opportunity to provide some context around their suspension or ban.

Once this portion is complete, users can submit their appeal. The portal will then show users the status and eventual outcome of their appeals. This new auxiliary of Twitch will also show all past appeals and their respective outcomes. Appeals under review will appear as “Pending” until they show as either “Rejected” or “Accepted.” Users will also receive emails in conjunction with updates within the portal.

Only enforcements issued within the prior 60 days will be viewable and eligible for appeals. This 60-day window is meant to prevent spam and prioritize recent and more urgent cases. Indefinite bans will be available to view and appeal outside of this 60-day period.

Ultimately, Twitch’s new portal system is meant to provide users more control over their appeals and give more transparency in the process.