Is Among Us free on Nintendo Switch?

A new platform joins the game as a crewmate.

Image via Innersloth

Released in 2018, Among Us finally reached its full potential over the past few months. As more content creators picked up the mafia-themed party game on Twitch, more players decided to join in on the fun.

Considering how accessible the game was, millions of players rushed into the servers. And now, as of today, Among Us will be available on a new platform: Nintendo Switch.

Though there were rumors and expectations from the community, the official announcement came during the Nintendo World event on Dec. 15. The Nintendo Switch Among Us gameplay video showcased that the game was ready with all of its beloved features.

Though the presentation didn’t mention a price tag and the game hasn’t been released yet, it’s only free on one platform and that’s mobile. The Steam version of Among Us costs $5 and it’s also priced at $5 on Nintendo Switch. Basically, Among Us on Nintendo Switch isn’t be free, but players looking to try out the game before purchasing it can still download it on their phones. The mobile version of Among Us owes its free status to in-game ads.

Considering the game was breaking record after record for being the most-downloaded title on mobile platforms, many people will be curious to see if this release will boost that number to even higher values.

This article will be updated when Among Us’ Nintendo Switch price tag gets announced alongside its global launch.