Is Among Us Down? How to check the game’s server status

Find the imposter or the servers will go down.

Image via Innersloth

Released in 2018, Among Us became one of the hottest games on Twitch two years after its release. The improved version of the party game mafia is a great way to socialize with friends through controversies. Its rise to fame between content creators also triggered a spike in the game’s sales, meaning there are now more players than ever playing Among Us.

Though a large playerbase is a vital aspect for a game since more players mean more unique matches, surges in active players, like Among Us is having right now, can also trigger server issues. It’s a widespread occurrence for games that draw in thousands of new or returning users with new content since most game developers handle its servers just right for the average number of players they have.

Knowing if a game’s down for maintenance can be hard sometimes since you can still be logged in as the servers get taken down, and not all players follow the games they play on social media. But here’s what you can do to try to find out if Among Us is down.

Is Among Us down?

Among Us has been experiencing connection issues due to a DDoS attack on the game’s servers. The issues started on March 24 and are affecting both NA and EU servers, according to official communication, so players in affected regions can’t connect to the game. This isn’t the fault of players or developers, however, and the Among Us team is working to get the game back to speed. Until then, players should keep an eye on the game’s official channels, including its Twitter account, and check the server status of Among Us while they wait.

How to check the server status of Among Us?

If you can’t seem to log into Among Us, the game’s most likely to be struggling with server issues. There’s a slight possibility that the problem may have something to do with your connection, but there are a couple of ways you can check the server status of Among Us before you can start questioning whether your ISP is the imposter.

The first thing you can do is check InnerSloth, Among Us’ developer Twitter account. The dev team frequently updates the players with posts regarding ongoing server issues and lets them know about possible workarounds.

In any case, where you find yourself as one of the first responders of a server issue, you can head over to the game’s dedicated subreddit and sort by new to see if there are other players reporting server problems. Don’t hesitate to open a thread yourself if you can’t see any since the developer also lurks around Reddit to know its audience.

What can you do if the servers are up, but you can’t log in to Among Us?

Image via Among Us

There’s no need to panic if the servers are up, but you still can’t log into Among Us. Make sure that you don’t have any pending Among Us updates, you can do this by logging out of the game and checking your Downloads tab on Steam. Alternatively, you can also verify the integrity of Among Us’ game cache or reinstall the game to make sure there aren’t any corrupted files that are holding you back from joining your friends in outer space.

If you’re still having issues, turn your router off and wait about a minute before turning it back on again. You can also reset your PC while waiting for your router just to give everything a fresh start before taking things more seriously. If resetting both your router and your PC wasn’t any avail to your problems, you may need to tinker with your connection settings.

Change or reset your DNS, depending on your current DNS preference. A DNS change can change the way your network interacts with Among Us’ servers. If the issue persists, however, contacting the developers can be one of your only outs. Open a Steam ticket or contact them through social media to let them know about your problem and all the steps you’ve tried to fix the issue. Providing a clear roadmap of your actions and possibly logs will help the developer pinpoint what’s wrong and lower the time it would take them to help you out.

The other last-measure method you can try is contacting your ISP. ISP operators can monitor your network’s current situation and can identify anything that shouldn’t be happening. There’s a chance they can fix your problem by performing a reset on their side, which should only take about five minutes. Your ISP can also send you a crew to your house to inspect your cables and connection quality on-site if the issue doesn’t get resolved with a simple reset.