IRL streamer walks directly into a pole during broadcast

IRL streaming: kind of like Frogger.

Screengrab via vleafnin on Twitch

IRL streaming remains a popular avenue in which streamers can mix up their content, taking the streaming world, and their chat, outdoors. While IRL streaming setups can vary and the extent of how much a streamer’s audience can see will change from stream to stream, one very necessary piece of equipment is usually standard: a phone.

Streamers can stream from a phone and they can also use a phone as a sort of extra monitor from which they can read chat. Whatever the setup, a phone usually comes in handy when you’re trying to stream on the go. But it’s also the most likely reason this streamer walked straight into a pole.

Vleafnin is a German variety streamer who has taken to IRL streaming over the past month or so. She typically walks around a German city and chats with her viewers while taking them along for the ride. Sometimes, those rides have street signs in the way. But real life is just like a video game, in that you always want to avoid the obstacles that can hurt you, right?

What makes this fail even funnier for the audience (if a bit more embarrassing for vleafnin) is the presence of multiple camera angles. Her streaming setup broadcasts both a video angle looking directly at her and shows the ground in front of her as well. This means that Twitch chat gets front row seats as she slowly walks directly into the pole, watching it come ever closer.

May this be a lesson to aspiring IRL streamers and seasoned pros alike. Phones are great, but they do present a bit of a distraction if you’re moving with them. Try not to get too sucked into what chat is saying and watch out for cars, other people, and solid metal poles that don’t move at all.