Hyper Scape hits 450,000 viewers in first hour on Twitch

Tfue and xQc are a big reason why.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s free-to-play battle royale game Hyper Scape had a strong introduction to Twitch today, eclipsing 450,000 viewers in the first hour of on the platform.

Led by xQc and Tfue, who have combined to average more than 100,000 viewers, the “tech test” for Ubisoft’s futuristic game has been the top game on Twitch for most of the day since 11am CT, when content creators were allowed to start playing the game on stream.

One of the elements of Hyper Scape’s early success has likely been tied to Twitch drops, which were similarly used by Riot Games during the VALORANT closed beta.

To draw extra attention and promote the game, Ubisoft and Twitch made it so that viewers who watch someone play Hyper Scape on the platform have a chance to earn access to the game’s test. During the VALORANT beta, the hype surrounding Riot’s new tactical shooter, combined with Twitch drop access to the game, led to record levels of viewership on Twitch

While viewership of Hyper Scape has proven to be much more modest, the game has still been a top performer on the platform so far today. Oftentimes when a new game is released or starts a beta test, content creators are paid to promote the game via a sponsored stream. Though Ubisoft might have plans to do such promotions at some point, The top players on the game currently don’t have “#ad” in their titles.

Additionally, xQc and Tfue clarified around the time they started playing earlier today that, while they were in contact with people form Ubisoft, they were not being paid to play Hyper Scape