How to watch Minecraft Live 2021

Turn on the Minecraft channel.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Live is back and it’s looking to outclass last year’s event. Though Mojang hasn’t released any specific details regarding the event, the hype levels already started increasing with the trailer.

Not only will fans get to know what Mojang has stored for Minecraft’s feature, but they’ll also have a say in deciding some game-changing elements that should be disclosed closer to the event, which will go live on Oct. 16.

There will be interviews with the developers, and some of the most famous Minecraft content creators will also make appearances, making the event a must-watch for diehard Minecraft fans.

Where to watch Minecraft Live 2021

No Minecraft players will be left behind in Minecraft Live 2021 since the event will be streamed on multiple platforms, meaning players will be able to watch from whatever device they’d like except toasters.

Minecraft’s official website is one of the first places where you can watch the event, and it’ll also be live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. The main difference between these broadcasts will most likely be the chat sections since each website has a culture of its own. While you’ll have access to more banter and legendary emotes, YouTube and Facebook may have slower chats where you can potentially try to keep up with the conversation.

If you miss out on the stream, check the VODs and past broadcasts section of each platform since the event’s recording should go up as soon as Mojang wraps up the broadcast.

This event will set the tone for the next year in Minecraft as players will be able to look at what’s waiting for them in future patches. They’ll also be able to get to know more about the developers and the processes that take place to build all the changes that define Minecraft.

Though countless fingers will be crossed for news on major updates or changes, especially the 1.18 update, there’s a chance that the focus may be on slightly more minor changes.