How to unlock more emote slots on Twitch

More subs means more emotes.

Image via Twitch

Channel emotes are one of the staples of Twitch chat interactions that make it the most popularly used livestreaming platform.

While many of Twitch’s biggest streamers have a full slate of 60 emotes, it’s not something that comes quickly or easily.

Streamers can gain emotes by gaining “Sub Points.” The point system is effectively a weighted visualization of your subscription total. Tier one subs give you one point. But tier two subs give you two points, and a tier three sub counts as six points.

As of this month, Twitch unlocked more emote slots for all streamers with Affiliate status, upping the base number of emotes from one to five.

Without any Sub Points, all Affiliates can take advantage of five emote slots and one animated emote slot. Additionally, Affiliates get one emote slot for tier two subs and one for tier three subs.

Other emote slots can be opened by reaching a Sub Point threshold. Once an emote slot is unlocked, it’s open forever. Even if you lose Sub Points and drop below that threshold, you’ll still have that slot.

The Sub Point requirements for Affiliate emote slots are as listed:

  • Six to 15 points
  • Seven to 25 points
  • Eight to 35 points
  • Nine to 50 points

Partnered streamers have access to significantly more emotes and also automatically begin with 10 emotes. They also have access to five tier two, tier three, and animated emote slots.

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To reach the 60-emote cap, Partnered streamers need to rack up 10,000 Sub Points.

Partnered streamers get more emotes than Affiliates, but it comes at a cost. To become a Partnered streamer, there is a higher level of effort and viewership required compared to becoming an Affiliate.