How to sign up for the Back 4 Blood alpha test

Get your whole squad to sign up.

Screengrab via Turtle Rock Studios

The 2020 edition of Game Awards was full of surprises. Alongside Among Us becoming available on Nintendo Switch, Back 4 Blood was one of the titles that caught the attention of gamers tuning in.

Turtle Rock Studios, one of the original developers of Left 4 Dead, will be revisiting the roots of the co-op zombie survival genre with Back 4 Blood. The game is scheduled to be released in June 2021.

Though June 2021 is still a bit far away, lucky gamers around the world will have a chance to try out the current state of the game in the closed alpha test starting on Dec. 17. Invitees will be picked randomly, so the best you can do to participate in the alpha test will be signing up for it through Back 4 Blood’s official website.

How can you sign up for the Back 4 Blood alpha test?

Head over to Back 4 Blood’s official website and click on “Register Now,” which will be toward the top of your screen.

You’ll be asked to enter your birthday and there’s a small chance that your age may be a factor while getting into the alpha test. The game doesn’t have a decided age rating as of yet, but considering the dark theme and screaming zombies, there’s a good chance the game might be rated Teen or Mature.

Once you enter your birthday, you’ll be asked to type down your email. If you happen to be one of the invitees, you’ll receive an email from the developer with a code. You’ll also be asked to enter your internet speed and the platforms you’re interested in trying out Back 4 Blood. The list only includes Steam for now, but others should make it on there during future alpha and beta tests.

After inputting your internet speed and platform, you’ll complete the registration process for the Back 4 Blood alpha test. You can alternatively create a Warner Bros. Games account as well since you’ll need one if you get into the alpha test.