How to get verified on Twitch

You'll have to become a partner.

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Getting that iconic checkmark next to your name on any social media account is something many people strive for as a way to prove their legitimacy and earn some amount of clout.

While the process of getting “verified” on platforms like Twitter and Instagram can be somewhat cryptic and difficult to navigate, Twitch’s rules for verification are a little bit more straightforward.

The only way to get a verified badge on Twitch right now is to become a Partner with the platform. But Twitch’s guide for user-type chat badges says that the platform is planning to create a policy that’d allow more users to qualify for verification.

Becoming a part of the Twitch Partner program first requires becoming an Affiliate. But the “Path to Partner” requirements on Twitch are:

  • Stream 25 hours over a 30 day period.
  • Stream on 12 unique days over a 30 day period.
  • Average 75 viewers over the same 30 day period that you achieved the other two requirements.

Accomplishing this won’t guarantee you a partnership on Twitch. It only makes you eligible to apply. Once you have hit the “Path to Partner” achievement on Twitch, you should be able to click an “Apply” button in your Twitch profile that will lead you to the Partner application.

It typically takes Twitch around a week and a half (seven business days) to fully process and respond to applications. The stronger your brand, community, chat interactions, viewership, and streaming numbers are, the better chance you have of becoming a Twitch Partner.