All Twitch Affiliate and Partner requirements

The first steps to monetizing your channel on Twitch.

Screengrab via xQc

Affiliate and Partner status on Twitch is required to monetize your channel on the platform.

Becoming an Affiliate or Partner allows you to make money off of subscriptions, bits, and advertisements. But to achieve that status, you need to meet a few requirements first.

Affiliate status is the easier of the two to accomplish and can be done reasonably quickly if you’re dedicated to your channel and have a few friends who are willing to watch you.

Here are the requirements to become an Affiliate on Twitch: 

  • 500+ minutes of airtime in a 30-day period
  • Seven unique broadcasts in a 30-day period
  • At least three average concurrent viewers in a 30-day period
  • 50+ followers

All four of these criteria must be met simultaneously for you to become an Affiliate. Your progress toward becoming an Affiliate can be viewed in the “Achievements” page under the “Insights” tab on your creator dashboard.

While there are specific requirements for taking the next step to becoming a part of Twitch’s Partner Program, they aren’t an end-all-be-all for becoming a Partner.

By reaching all of these requirements, you’ll become eligible to apply for the Partner Program. It does not automatically make you a Twitch Partner, though.

  • 25+ hours of airtime in a 30-day period
  • Streams that come on 12 different days
  • At least 75 average concurrent viewers in a 30-day period

Streamers must also meet all three of these criteria during the same 30-day period to apply. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that your application will be approved, however.