How to get Renown in WoW Shadowlands

Renown is fundamental to Shadowlands.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Introduced in WoW: Shadowlands, Renown is a Covenant-based progression system connected to Soulbinds and Sanctum upgrades. 

It unlocks chapters of your Covenant campaign, new rows for your Soulbind, and increases the item level of world quest rewards, along with the maximum level of your Sanctum. It also offers Memories of the Runecrafter for your Legendaries and Covenant-themed cosmetic items, from cool mounts and pets to unique titles and transmogs. 

Unlike Artifact Power and Azeroth Power from Battle for Azeroth, the game’s previous expansion, Renown is a metered system that gradually progresses as you play World of Warcraft

Once you hit level 60 and choose a Covenant (Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolords, or Night Fae), you’ll begin the process of earning Renown. 

You gain Renown from completing chapters of your Covenant campaign, which will come naturally as you progress through the story, and from ticking off weekly Renown quests. One quest, Replenish the Reservoir, will instruct you to gather an Anima deposit for your Sanctum, while the other, Return Lost Souls, will see you enter The Maw and rescue Tormented Souls.

If you lag behind, miss a few weeks, or decide to level an alt, the game’s catch-up system will help you earn additional Renown through end-content like dungeons, raids, PvP, and Callings. 

Each week is capped to a specific amount of Renown, from three on week one to 40 on week 16, meaning you’ll always be on a level playing field.

Week unlockedRenown levelReward oneReward two
11Covenant abilities
122 percent stamina
13Soulbind #1 trait
25Covenant chapter 3
26Back transmog
37Soulbind #1 traitPvP upgrades to rank 5
38Covenant chapter 4
39Soulbind #2 trait
410Soulbind #1 traitUpgraded world quest rewards
411Covenant chapter 5Covenant Hearthstone toy
513Covenant chapter 6Soulbind #2 trait
514Legendary recipe
515Soulkeeper upgrade
616Wrist, hands, and waist transmog
617Covenant chapter 7Adventurer
618Soulbind #2 trait
7192 percent staminaUpgraded world quest rewards
720Covenant chapter 8
721Soulbind #1 trait
822Covenant chapter 9 (finale)PvP upgrades to rank 7
824Soulkeeper upgrade
925Soulbind #1 trait
926Back, legs, and feet tramsmog
1028Soulbind #2 trait
1129Soulbind #3 traitUpgraded world quest rewards
1130Soulbind #1 final trait
1231Soulbind #3 final trait
1232Soulkeeper upgradeHelm, shoulders, and chest transmog
1334Soulbind #2 final traitBack transmog
14352 percent stamina
1436Weapon illusion
1537Weapon transmog