How to get a blank or invisible name in Among Us?

Become an imposter with no name.

Screengrab via InnerSloth

The Mafia-like party game, Among Us, has quickly become one of the latest gaming sensations. The four-year-old game suddenly picked up steam in terms of active players after it proved itself to be a great source of content for both streamers and gamers who specialize in convincing crowds.

Using the environmental objects inside Among Us is essential to keeping your disguise while you’re slashing through crewmate after crewmate. No matter how good you are when it comes to hiding, a unique in-game name can give you away and cause an emergency meeting to take place. This increases the overall effectiveness of generic names. You could even agree with your friends to play with identical names to create more chaos.

What if you have no name, though?

Game of Thrones fans know the best kind of assassin has no name and you too can become a nameless impostor who doesn’t leave a single trace behind in seconds.

How can you set a blank name in Among Us and play without a name?

As of 2022, InnerSloth patched out the blank names. This means players are no longer able to have blank names by using the Hangul Filler Unicode in online games. If you’d still like to conceal your name, you can use a small quotation mark like a dot instead, which will be the closest alternative you’ll get to a blank name.

While you won’t be able to have a blank name in any multiplayer mode, you may still be able to have a blank name in certain private game modes.

Here’s how you can set your name as blank in-game modes that support it.

Don’t be surprised if Innersloth has patched out the functionality completely. Keep an eye on this page to learn if, and when, players will be able to have blank names again.

Mobile players

If you’re on an iOS or Android device, you’ll only need to copy the Unicode in between the following quotation marks “ㅤ”.

After copying the Unicode, launch Among Us and try changing your name. Once your keyboard appears, long-press the text box and choose paste. It’ll look like you just typed in a space, but it’ll actually be the Hangul Filler Unicode that looks like a space.

PC players

The process isn’t that simple for PC players, and it takes a few minutes since you’ll have to go through Among Us’s game files.

  • Exit out of Among Us if you’re in the game already.
  • Navigate to your appdata folder
  • Head over to the InnerSloth folder and right-click the PlayerPerfs file
  • Right-click on it and open it with Notepad
  • Inside, you’ll find your username and random numbers that represent your settings
  • “ㅤ” copy the Hangul Filler unicode inside the quotation marks and paste it at the beginning of the text
  • Delete your name after and you should have your blank name the next time you log into Among Us
    • Considering InnerSloth made it impossible to have blank names in multiplayer players, you’ll only be able to have a blank made in game modes that allow it.