How to get a blank or invisible name in Among Us

How could you accuse someone without a name?

Screengrab via InnerSloth

The Mafia-like party game, Among Us, has quickly become one of the latest gaming sensations. The two-year-old game suddenly picked up steam in terms of active players after it proved itself to be a great source of content for both streamers and gamers who specialize in convincing crowds.

Using the environmental objects inside Among Us is essential to keeping your disguise while you’re slashing through crewmate after crewmate. No matter how good you are when it comes to hiding, a unique in-game name can give you away and cause an emergency meeting to take place. This increases the overall effectiveness of generic names. You could even agree with your friends to play with identical names to create more chaos. What if you have no name, though?

Game of Thrones fans know the best kind of assassin has no name and you too can become a nameless impostor who doesn’t leave a single trace behind in seconds.

How can you set a blank name in Among Us and play without a name?

Though your name slot will look blank, it isn’t technically empty. You’ll need to head over to this address and copy the special Unicode Character U+3164 named Hangul Filler “ㅤ”. Once you copy the character, go back to Among Us and paste it into the name field. You’ll be able to continue from there and join a game with your new blank name.

This method only works on mobile devices right now since it was patched out on the PC version earlier this year. If you try this method on PC, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to paste anything into Among Us since the game prevents any access to the clipboard.

This trick isn’t considered as a way of cheating or anything, but considering the developer fixed it on the PC version, it may have a short life span on the mobile version as well. There’s also a slight chance you may get kicked from lobbies since most of the player base is against empty username enthusiasts due to the in-game advantages it grants players.

With an empty name, you’ll be able to hide in tight places where you wouldn’t be able to before, giving you a significant advantage as an impostor. It’s also a great way to throw off the entire lobby since it’ll be hard to address you in chat and not everyone will be on the same page.