Among Us nears 60 million daily active users, vast majority playing on mobile devices

It's very popular on iOS and Android.

Image via Innersloth

One of the developers of Among Us revealed an interesting chart last night that shows the game’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few months.

Forest Willard, one of three people who made the 2018 party game, revealed the image that shows just how quickly the game has risen in userbase and where those users are playing.

The chart picks up around the middle of August, showing a steep incline up to earlier this week on Sept. 21. The three colors are three different platforms, with blue for iOS, green for Windows, and purple for Android.

As noted by the chart, the vast majority of players are on mobile devices, with the bulk of those players playing on Android devices. The small green slice is PC players.

On Steam, Among Us has recently peaked at over 388,000 players, which is higher than nearly every other game on the platform besides CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG. The game blew up in popularity over the summer thanks in large part to it being played by top content creators on Twitch and YouTube.

Willard and the other devs at Innersloth recently revealed that the previously announced Among Us sequel has been scrapped. The team will instead work on improving and adding to the original game.