How much money do Altoar and Sound Alerts make on Twitch? Twitch Leaks

The maker of Sound Alerts is among the highest-paid on Twitch.

Image via Twitch

Altoar isn’t one of the most-watched content creators on Twitch. But as the creator of one of its more popularly used extensions, Sound Alerts, the creator’s channel is among the highest-paid on the platform.

While his channel only has 269 followers and no notable viewership, it’s purportedly eighth among all channels on the platform in terms of payout over the past 26 months.

From August 2019 to October 2021, Altoar was paid $3,053,839, according to data leaked from Twitch last week.

Screengrab via KnowSomething

The Sound Alerts extension that Altoar is responsible for allows viewers to interact with streamers on their channel by donating bits to create any number of sound effects live on stream.

Profit for the extension comes from taking a portion of the bits viewers donate to use the Sound Alerts extension. Anytime someone donates bits to a streamer using the Sound Alerts extension, 20 percent of the proceeds go directly to Altoar. The rest go to the streamer.

Image via Sound Alerts

Leaked Twitch payout information consists of money that channels made from subscribers, bits, and advertisement revenue.

While most streamers get the bulk of that money from subscriptions, Altoar is the unique situation where nearly all, if not all, of his money was made from bits that he made through Sound Alerts.