How could Among Us miss out one of Hololive’s biggest stars for new collaboration?

The devs really should've included her.

Image via Hololive

Hoshimachi Suisei is one of the VTubers that immediately comes into my mind if you ask us who’s the most entertaining star to watch during a social deduction game—and it comes as a huge disappointment that she’s not involved with the new Among Us x Hololive collaboration.

As you may have heard, Hololive and Among Us are collaborating and bringing costumes of the VTubers from Hololive to the game. If you’re out of the loop, Among Us is a social deduction game similar to Mafia where there’s a team of crewmates who will work on finishing the tasks to win the game, while a team of impostors try to sabotage the tasks and kill them. If all the crewmates finish their tasks, they win the game, and if the impostors kill all of the crewmates, the impostors win instead.

But what about Hoshimachi Suisei? And why isn’t she involved in this collaboration?

So, who is Hoshimachi Suisei?

Image via Hoshimachi Suisei

Hoshimachi Suisei is a VTuber under Hololive production. She’s one of the agency’s main singers, even topping that of Tokino Sora, the very first VTuber of Hololive. She’s had collaborations with different artists such as Takaaki Natsushiro and Taku Inoue, and recently she formed a unit with Taku Inoue called the Midnight Grand Orchestra.

Aside from being able to sing very well, she’s also good at playing video games to the point where she participated in an Apex Legends tournament with her colleagues Aqua and Towa. Although not winning, they placed an impressive 16th and won a shiny new PC.

The origin of “Suicopath”

Speaking of gaming, another genre she excels at is social deduction games. One such game where she demonstrated this is Project Winter, and that’s where the origin of “Suicopath” comes from. While playing the game, she demonstrated “psychopathic” tendencies where she enjoyed killing everyone regardless of being placed on the traitor team or the survivor team.

This carried on into the biggest hit of 2020, Among Us where she basically did the same thing if she was on the impostor team. Recently, she’s also been exhibiting this behavior while playing Rust on their own Hololive server.

For clarification, Hoshimachi Suisei is only playing into the character her audience touched on, which is her tendency to be ruthless while keeping a straight face and talking normally like nothing is happening. She doesn’t always act like this and only does so for the entertainment of her audience.

Why is Suisei missing from the collab?

We’re not sure why she isn’t included in the latest collaboration. She’s currently on a break because of her health, but that’s surely not a good enough reason not to make a costume for her in Among Us.

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Suisei is one of the most entertaining VTubers to watch when playing games such as this and seeing her not included in the collaboration not only seems weird, but it also feels like a missed opportunity. For now, we can only hope that this isn’t the only time Among Us will collaborate with Hololive so that we might be able to finally see the Suisei costume in all its glory.