Hiko on battle royales: “I don’t think that a competitive game should have that much luck”

The VALORANT pro shared his opinion on the genre.

Photo via DreamHack

Battle royales are one of the more recent additions to the esports scene, gaining popularity with games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. And now, VALORANT pro Hiko shared his thoughts on the genre.

The 100 Thieves captain weighed in on battle royales during his Twitch broadcast today, believing that there’s “too much RNG” involved in making it a healthy esport.

“In my opinion, BR games are not very good esports,” Hiko said. “The skill required in a BR game is… majority luck. Having good luck on, like, where the circle goes, having good luck on finding good guns, ammo, materials, I don’t even know what else is in Fortnite these days.”

Hiko went on to explain that the first 20 minutes of a pro Fortnite game is looting until a “war” ensues in the final circle. 

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Battle royales are certainly a unique kind of shooter, requiring you to gather resources and fight your way through hordes of players until you’re the last one standing. This is a big departure from traditional shooters, like Counter Strike, where players are more or less on an even keel. You acquire money and guns by killing enemies and winning rounds, being rewarded for precise gunplay.

The 31-year-old veteran has had already won multiple tournaments with 100 Thieves. Check out what gear Hiko uses on 100 Thieves. 

But BR fans would argue that being able to make smart decisions and use your resources properly plays a huge role in your success.

Hiko fans can tune into some top-tier VALORANT gameplay on his Twitch stream.