Hikaru reaches one million followers on Twitch


Screengrab via TSM

Chess standout and streamer Hikaru Nakamura has reached a huge milestone on Twitch.

The chess Grandmaster reached the milestone during PogChamps 3, Twitch’s premier chess tournament that pits streamers against one another.

In a tweet, Hikaru thanked a handful of people for their help along the way, including xQc, for the push that he provided the channel when he became xQc’s coach for a short time.

Hikaru is the greatest success story when it comes to transitioning from chess to streaming. His insight into the game and willingness to collaborate with other streamers broke down some of the presumed barriers to entry into the chess space and helped grow it to what it has become today on the platform.

Before his streaming career took off, Hikaru claimed the US Chess Championship five times and even climbed as high as No. 2 in the overall rankings.

In August 2020, TSM signed Hikaru as its first professional chess player. This came after Hikaru’s channel had grown to over 500,000 followers and become the most-watched chess stream on Twitch.