Here are the scores and standings for the Minecraft MC Championship 9

Who will be the ninth Minecraft Champion?

Image via Noxcrew

The ninth iteration of the MC Championship ran by Noxcrew is upon us and things are about to be shaken up quite a bit.

As always, the Minecraft players have shuffled between teams to keep the MC Championship fresh and it looks like MC9 isn’t planning to be an exception to this. The winning squad of MC 8, Pink Parrots, was broken up into four pieces and now the competition is anyone’s game.

To help you keep track of the chaos, here are the current scores and standings for MC Championship 9.

Overall rankings

Here are the overall standings which will be updated as each match comes to a close.

MC Championship 9 Champions: Blue Bats

  1. Blue Bats
  2. Green Guardians
  3. Cyan Creepers
  4. Aqua Axolotls
  5. Red Rabbits
  6. Lime Llamas
  7. Orange Ocelots
  8. Pink Parrots
  9. Yellow Yaks
  10. Purple Pandas

Game 1: Sky Battle

Winners: Blue Bats (738)

Runner-up: Green Guardians (596)


Winners: Red Rabbits (2,121)

Runner-Up: Lime Llamas (1,833)

Game 3: Parkour Warrior

Winners: Orange Ocelots (2,385)

Runner-Up: Lime Llamas (2,333)

Game 4: Hole in the Wall

Winner: Lime Llamas (2,496)

Runner-Up: Blue Bats (2,472)

Game 5: Battle Box

Winners: Lime Llamas (3,580)

Runner-Up: Green Guardians (3,520)

Game 6: Ace Race

Winners: Red Rabbits and Blue Bats (Tied at 3,095)

Runner-Up: Green Guardians and Cyan Creepers (Tied at 2,970)

Game 7: Survival Games

Winners: Blue Bats (7,200)

Runner-Up: Cyan Creepers (3,550)

Game 8: Sands of Time

Winners: Cyan Creepers (4,929)

Runner-Up: Pink Parrots (4,194)

Final Game: Dodgebolt

Winners: Blue Bats

Runner-Up: Green Guardians

As for who is apart of said teams, you can find a list of all those taking part below:

Team Purple Pandas

  • Gizzy Gazza
  • Jeromeasf
  • RguyRocky
  • SB737

Team Aqua Axolotls

  • Techno
  • Cxlvxn
  • Finnster
  • Spifey

Team Red Rabbits

  • Ph1lza
  • Wilbursoot
  • DangThatsALongName
  • TommyInnit

Team Green Guardians

  • Sapnap
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Krtzyy
  • The_Eret

Team Cyan Creepers

  • PetezAhhutt
  • KaraCorvus
  • CaptainSparklez
  • CptPuffy

Team Blue Bats

  • Hbomb94
  • FruitBerries
  • FalseSymmetry
  • Rendog

Team Orange Ocelots

  • SeaPeekay
  • Tapl
  • Shubble
  • PearlesCentMoon

Team Lime Llamas

  • Fundy
  • Tubbo
  • Dream
  • Sylvee

Team Yellow Yaks

  • Fwhip
  • Ripmika
  • StrawBurry17
  • Quig