HasanAbi eclipses one million followers on Twitch

On the up and up.

Screengrab via HasanAbi

Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker reached the one million follower mark on Twitch today just one week after hitting a personal record for concurrent viewers on the platform. 

Hasan’s coverage of political news in the “Just Chatting” category has helped his following soar on the platform in the past 30 days, netting him more than 140,000 followers, according to Social Blade.

Hitting one million followers by no means puts Hasan in the same stratosphere as other established Twitch veterans like Ninja, Shroud, Tfue, or xQc, who all have more than seven million. But considering Hasan’s channel has only existed for a couple of years, being created on July 25, 2018, the milestone is notable, especially when paired with his recent influx in viewership success. 

Screengrab via Twitch

With political talk being his forte, it’s almost symbolic that he’d eclipse one million followers on a historic day shortly after President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for a second time, something no other president has done before. 

Meanwhile, his past week of growth has included coverage of the pro-Trump mob that broke into the U.S. Capitol last week. 

“I hope I was able to make politics palatable for you, and in some ways, I hope I was able to make sense of how fucking insane some of this shit is,” Hasan said. “That’s my goal ultimately. So that you can go out and disseminate the same talking points I give you and sound cool and smart in normal political conversations.”

He added that he hopes his viewers can use the knowledge they gain from watching his channel to show others that there’s a more “empathetic way to do politics.”

In the past two weeks, Hasan’s viewership has also shot up to an average of more than 33,000 concurrent viewers over 139 hours of streaming. In 2020, he averaged 14,208 viewers, which was a massive improvement from 2019 when he had an average of 2,725.