Hasan is OK with others profiting off his content—just link his Twitch

"I have basically given up my intellectual property completely."

Screengrab via HasanAbi on YouTube

Stealing the intellectual property of content creators online is a surprisingly common occurrence, especially when the content creator is as popular as Twitch’s most prominent political commentator HasanAbi.

But unlike some other creators who might be more litigious, Hasan has a relatively relaxed policy when it comes to people who want to make, and even profit, off of fan and clip pages that contain his intellectual property.

In general, Hasan has no issue with people taking things he does on Twitch and posting them elsewhere. Even if they are monetizing the content for themselves, he takes no issue with people repurposing his clips—as long as they publicize his brand.

“I fucking ride for all of my fan channels,” he said. “YouTube took down a bunch of the fan channels, including Daily Dose of HasanAbi and stopped monetizing them. … And I talked to my YouTube account manager and I was like, ‘no, I want them to be able to keep monetizing. I want them to do whatever the fuck they want.’ … I don’t mind their existence. I encourage it. I have basically given up my intellectual property completely.”

He added that fan pages that show off all of his content are beneficial for his brand. All he asks in return is that anyone who makes a page link his Twitch page and other social media accounts like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hasan also showed examples of what constitutes an acceptable fan page, like Daily Dose of Hasan and Hasanabi Productions. The YouTube channels specify that they are not affiliated with Hasan directly, but credit him as a content creator.