Greekgodx joins TSM as a content creator

"Howdy, y'all."

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Twitch variety streamer Greekgodx is the “newest cowboy” joining TSM.

The organization informed fans of the news with a Western-themed announcement video today, featuring intense music, a cowboy hat, and a horse named “Rusty.” Greekgodx will be a content creator for the brand, joining big names like League of Legends pro Bjergsen and Fortnite pro Myth.

“I just landed here in the United States of Texas,” Greek said with some Southern drawl. “This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for an organization named TSM… There’s gonna be a lot more content coming your way, so stay tuned fellas.”

The signing isn’t a total surprise, especially after Greek’s cryptic Feb. 20 tweet that read “announcement video soon.” Many fans had photoshopped TSM merchandise onto the streamer and cut him into pictures with some of the organization’s other creators and players.

And with Greek revealing in December that he was interviewing for a visa to come to the U.S. and setting up his “new room,” it was clear that a big move was coming.

Fans eager to catch Greek’s stream from the “United States of Texas” can tune in to his Twitch channel, where he’ll now be providing some top-tier content with TSM.