Greekgodx banned on Twitch for fourth time

Greekgodx gets hit with another ban after a controversial clip surfaces.

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Twitch streamer Greekgodx has been banned from the livestreaming platform today for the fourth time. Though unconfirmed, many viewers online believed it to be due to what they deemed a racially disparaging clip, which surfaced from his channel hours prior. Greekgodx has since denied the allegations of racism.

During a July 28 livestream, Greekgodx streamed himself walking down the streets of a metropolitan area in Greece. After walking past a family, the Twitch streamer proceeded to make unintelligible sounds, which many thought was mockery of the pedestrians’ language.

Greekgodx, however, later claimed the family wasn’t Asian but instead Greek, and that they were speaking the country’s native language. He also spoke out against those that accused him of racism, denying the allegations.

“That was a geek family speaking Greek,” Greekgodx wrote. “And to assume that they are Asian is very wrong in itself. My family members are Asian why would I be racist to the people who brought me up.”

The clip quickly went viral across Reddit and Twitter, as viewers called for Twitch to ban Greekgodx. Only hours after ending stream, Greekgodx’s Twitch account was removed from the website, and the Streamer Bans Twitter account swiftly confirmed the streamer had been banned.

It’s currently unclear how long the ban will last or if this suspension from the platform will be permanent. Neither Twitch nor Greekgodx have said how long the ban will be for or the reasoning behind the suspension.