Froste banned on Twitch following DMCA strike from Disney

The streamer was caught watching "extended trailers."

Image via Twitch

Popular streamer and former 100 Thieves member Froste has been banned on Twitch after receiving a DCMA strike from Disney for watching a film on stream.

The recent ban occurred during Froste’s subathon stream. Still in high spirits, the streamer shared that the subathon will continue once the 48-hour ban has concluded.

While passing time during his marathon stream, Froste decided to check out Disney Marvel’s film Black Panther. As it is against Twitch’s terms of service to watch movies on stream, Froste’s community quickly began defending the streamer, describing his actions as watching “extended trailers.”

Unfortunately for Froste, Disney did not see it this way, and issued a copyright strike on his channel that would ultimately result in a 48-hour suspension. Though this ban blemished the streamer’s previously perfect record, he joked that he’d do it again.

According to the streamer, after his Twitch suspension his community was able to get the hashtag #FreeFroste trending, with an influx of fans tagging Disney within the replies. Froste was quick to shut down this motion, joking that tagging Disney in his tweets could allow them to stumble upon more evidence that could “lock [him] up for life.”

Froste chose to look at the silver lining from this ban, sharing on Twitter that the suspension will be a nice break and will give him plenty of time to tweet a whole lot more.

Thanks to this small intermission, Froste’s subathon stream will continue late on Aug. 11. This time, it will likely be without Marvel films to watch, but there will definitely be plenty of other antics to keep the community entertained.