Forsen has been banned on Twitch

Forsen is banned, no more VALORANT.

Screengrab via Daniil1288

One of the most popular Twitch streamers, Forsen, was banned earlier today—and it isn’t clear how long it’s for. 

Forsen received his Twitch ban after streaming Riot Games’ first-person shooter VALORANT, which is in beta. But we’re fairly confident that Twitch didn’t ban him for playing the game itself, like some of his fans wished. 

Forsen was likely banned for breaking one or more of the community guidelines. One user claimed that someone said a racial slur on his stream a few days ago, while others claim he was being toxic to his teammates. But Forsen hasn’t said anything regarding his ban, so the reason behind it isn’t clear. 

This isn’t the first time Forsen has been banned on Twitch, however. In 2016, a year after he won his first Hearthstone tournament, Forsen was banned for 24 hours after he stacked up multiple small offenses that resulted in a short ban. Since then, Forsen has steered clear of any punishment from Twitch. 

Forsen, like many other streamers on Twitch, has been grinding VALORANT’s new Ranked mode, which was released earlier this month for most regions. Forsen was one rank away from Immortal yesterday, the second-highest rank in the game below VALORANT. Forsen has proven to be skilled at VALORANT—some would even say he’s better than shroud. 

Considering Forsen’s history, it’s likely that this ban shouldn’t extend further than one week—and it’s certainly not permanent. He’ll likely return to playing VALORANT, though.

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