Former Rooster Teeth employee Ryan Haywood banned on Twitch

Haywood has been accused of sexual assault.

Image via Twitch

Shortly after returning to Twitch former Rooster Teeth employee and accused sexual abuser Ryan Haywood has reportedly been permanently banned from the site.

The ban was first reported by the Twitter account StreamerBans before later being confirmed by esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

Slasher shared he had reached out to Twitch for a statement on the ban, but the streaming platform chose not to comment.

On Jan. 6, Haywood shared he would be making a return to the platform, which had not at the time taken any action on his account despite the numerous sexual assault allegations against him.

In the post announcing his plans to return to streaming, Haywood also said he had found himself a new job and had been attending multiple therapy programs since his last comments.

Haywood was fired from Rooster Teeth in 2020 after multiple accusations of statutory rape and sexual assault were made against him. Others alleged Haywood had taken part in sexually explicit conversations with underage fans as well.

Some of Haywood’s victims pleaded with Twitch not to allow the streamer back on the platform, including Tessa Graves, who posted a video to her YouTube channel detailing her experiences with Haywood. She also warned that allowing him to have a platform may allow him to target new victims.

As is customary with its ban policy, Twitch has not released any information on the length or reason for the ban.

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