Female soldiers are too hard to animate, says Escape From Tarkov devs

That's apparently why we won't see them in the game.

IMG via Battlestate Games

There will be no playable female characters in Escape from Tarkov due to the amount of work it would take to tweak animations and allowing gear to fit correctly.

The Twitter thread began as a statement to clear the air regarding a statement made by a developer at Battlestate Games in 2016 to wccftech.

During a gameplay demo at Gamescom 2016, a writer from wccftech was able to speak to Pavel Dyatlov, a developer who was demonstrating the game for press and general audience members.

Dyatlov said that the company “came to the conclusion that women are not allowed to be in war” even after the writer informed the developer that women are currently serving in the military.

On Jan. 6, Battlestate tweeted that Dyatlov had been reprimanded.

The company reminded the community that there are women in Tarkov, like NPC traders. Women would not be playable soldiers since it does not align with the team’s plans for game lore.

Tactical first-person shooter Tarkov has been dominating online streaming numbers since December, partly due to a limited-time Twitch Drops campaign that awards viewers just for watching their favorite streamers.

Tarkov is currently sitting in the fourth position on Twitch as the most viewed game with over 60,000 viewers.