Is Fall Guys coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox?

Don't hold your breath.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has quickly become one of the hottest games of the summer. Free as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription for PS4 and available to buy for Windows PC on Steam, it’s earned the top spot on Twitch.

But will Fall Guys be making its way to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One any time soon? Is it destined for a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release later this year or is it exclusive to PS4 and PC?

Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys, said the game will only be available on PS4 and Steam at launch. But this could change in the future.

“We’d love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line,” the developer said in the Fall Guys FAQ. “Please let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms you’d like us to release on next—we’d love to see how much demand there is.”

Any game, big or small—no matter the developer—takes a while to come to other platforms. Even if Mediatonic is working hard on bringing Fall Guys to Nintendo Switch and Xbox, it will likely take months, or even years, to finally release.

In a recent Reddit AMA, the developers responded to a request for a PS5 version of Fall Guys. “We don’t have anything to confirm just yet, but if we were to announce anything in future, we’d do it via our Twitter and Discord channels,” they said.

Fall Guys will likely be available to play with PS5’s backward compatibility option at the very least. It’s unclear, however, when or if the game is coming to Nintendo Switch or Xbox.