Fall Guys cheater fails to escape karma in Fall Mountain

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has quickly become the game of the summer. Topping Twitch and Steam charts, the game also reached more than 10 million players on PlayStation 4.

Though it’s hard to imagine anyone cheating in a game as sweet as Fall Guys, which is essentially a modern take on the all-time classic Mario Party, sometimes the desire to grab the victory crown can win against one’s morals. A Korean streamer recently identified a hacker in her lobby and decided to spectate them to witness fate avenge all of the fallen jelly beans of the lobby.

The streamer first noticed the hacker’s shenanigans in the last elimination round, which featured the Fall Ball minigame. The hacker’s team swept through the round with a score of 5-2, and it looked like the crown match was already pre-decided.

The player in question quickly started to soar in the air, dusting the rest of the players in the process. For reasons unknown, the hacker started losing altitude and got hit by multiple boulders that were free falling. Getting tired of the humiliation, the player quickly rose and was staring at the Victory Crown from above before deciding to land onto the final triangle.

The hard landing caused the hacker to get stuck in the purple area and forced them to move back and take the regular path guarded by the rotating mauls. The maul’s two swings at the cheater allowed others to catch up to him, and there were suddenly four players challenging their claim to the throne. Though the flying jelly bean was still the first Fall Guy to reach the crown, they stopped before the final jump, and another player captured the crown before the cheater could perform a “regular jump.”

While it’s an unavoidable fact of gaming to run into hackers in any popular game during its launch period, it’s just baffling to witness players trying to cheat in a casual game that doesn’t have a ranked mode or competitive scene. The whole clip resembles the first time Spider-man discovered his powers, where he fails over and over again.

Mediatonic, Fall Guys’ developer, already acknowledged the issue and is probably working on a fix to roll out soon. In the meantime, players can report all the cheaters they run into and potentially record them to immortalize karma, striking them right back.