Facebook Gaming answers questions about Mixer partnership

After days of listening, some answers have been given.

Image via Microsoft

With the announcement that Microsoft would be closing Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming, there were many questions left unanswered for the streamers who lost their platform.

In a long Twitter thread, the official Facebook Gaming account went into detail about a lot of the most common questions that have been asked about the partnership, including what is being offered to former Mixer partners.

Facebook Gaming reiterated it is offering all Mixer partners Facebook partner status and that it will “match exisiting Mixer partner agreements as closely as possible.” Additionally, non-partners will still be able to join the Level Up Program, with a fast-track to being onboarded for any eligible streamers making the jump. 

Facebook also explained how it is possible to create a Facebook Page and use that page as your account while interacting with a stream in chat or as a moderator. The thread points out that this is not a feature on the mobile app, however, meaning users will need to use the desktop version of Facebook to chat with that method. 

The thread addressed the issue of trust, as many frequent internet users no longer trust that Facebook is safe to use because of multiple data breaches and issues with information security in the past. And for that, the person posting could only say that the company is working on it. 

Mixer will officially shut down on July 22.