Everything to know about Hikaru’s ban on Twitch

A massive blunder by Hikaru.

Screengrab via TSM

Hikaru is among the most prevalent chess streamers on Twitch but was suddenly banned from the platform on March 22, 2022.

The living chess legend took a major risk a few days prior to his eventual ban by watching a video of banned streamer Dr Disrespect while on broadcast. The video in question featured the prominent YouTube streamer playing a game of chess against fellow content creator DrLupo.

Hikaru was nonchalant about risking a potential suspension, however. “Chill out, you guys,” he said. “Do you think I care? This is chess.” Under the impression that he was in the clear given the chess-focused nature of the content and the ambiguity regarding the Doc’s relationship with Twitch following the conclusion of his lawsuit, Hikaru believed he was in the clear. Eight days after watching the video, though, the chess virtuoso was hit with a three-day suspension.

The TSM affiliated streamer confirmed that his ban was directly related to his Dr Disrespect feature on Twitter. “The Doc tweeted that things are settled with Twitch,” Hikaru said. “Guess he was wrong. She everyone in three days.”

After levying a legal case against Twitch for almost a year, Doc announced earlier this month that his quarrel with Twitch had been settled. But plenty of questions still remained on whether he could make appearances on the platform. Unfortunately for Hikaru, it seems that his ban confirms that Dr Disrespect is still not able to appear on Twitch in any capacity.

This is only Hikaru’s first ban from the platform. With only a three-day suspension, the chess champion will be quick to return to his stream—though he’s less likely to feature Dr Disrespect in the future.