Esfand gets disappointing surprise from looking up his net worth

His computer is worth more than he is apparently.

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Screengrab via

The stigma that popular streamers are all well paid might not be as true as some fans suspect. WoW content creator Esfand showed proof of that yesterday. 

While joking around with his Twitch viewers, Esfand decided to look up his personal net worth on Stream—and even he was surprised by the numbers. 

Typing “esfand net worth” into a Google search, the streamer was left laughing at’s estimation that he’s worth just $3,000 as of February 2020. His response to the piece of information was just one word: “true.”

“Hey, any gifters?” he said. “Hey guys, look, it’s been bad lately. It’s been bad lately dude. Classic is on the decline. Any gifters? Come on. Any oil princes? Any Mixer dealers? Any YouTube Gamers?”

Esfand, of course, was laughing the entire time because he presumably knows enough about his finances and assets to know that his net worth is much more than that. To continue with the joke, he pointed out that the PC he streams on costs more than his net worth.

“Dude, my computer is worth more,” he said. “I have no money left. I have a [$5,000] PC. I’m in debt dude. I’m negative [$2,000]. My net worth is literally my computer. Jesus, not good.”

Taking a step back from the jokes, Esfand acknowledged that many people don’t even have that much in terms of net worth. But for him, it’s entertaining because his PC alone is worth more than his reported net worth, showing just how wrong that information can be. 

While donation money isn’t something that’s typically disclosed for streamers, Esfand has had more than 3,000 subscribers each month for the nine months, according to Additionally, he’s had more than 5,000 active subs for six of those nine months.