Dream and Technoblade team up for MC Championship 8

Rivals and past champions are under the same banner.

Image via Noxcrew

The monthly highlight of the competitive Minecraft scene is getting ready to host the eighth event on its résumé. MC Championship 8 is scheduled to air on Aug. 15 with many players returning for a shot at the trophy and new faces looking to shock the Minecraft world.

Noxcrew has been announcing the participating teams for the last couple of days and there were notable roster swaps between some of the teams. The latest squad that was announced today, Pink Parrots, features Dream, Technoblade, King_Burren, and Michaelmcchill, which caught fans off guard.

Just by looking at the names, this seems like one of the most stacked lineups in the tournament. Three players on the squad are all past MC Championship winners. King_Burrent and Michaelmcchill brought home the first MC Championship trophy and Technoblade was a part of the winning team of MC Championship 3.

The inclusion of Dream on this lineup, however, was what caught the attention of fans. Dream and Technoblade went toe-to-toe against each other in the MC Championship during June. There have been constant debates about who’s the better Minecraft player between the two as well, which certainly thickens the backstory of Pink Parrots.

Though both players can get the best of each other on any given day, fans will witness how well they can work together in MC Championship 8, which kicks off on Aug. 15 at 2pm CT.