Dream and GeorgeNotFound’s Minecraft settings

Learn from some of the most experienced Minecraft players in the world.

Image via Mojang

Though Minecraft’s core gameplay elements promote people to use their creative sides, the game can get unexpectedly competitive. Over the years, Minecraft has turned into a giant compilation of game modes that have players race against each other or engage in fierce combat.

This has allowed the best Minecraft players to separate themselves from the decent ones since competing in Minecraft requires players to master a few essential skills. You need to have excellent movement skills to outmaneuver anyone on a parkour map and decent aim to take down players in combat-focused maps.

Dream and GeorgeNotFound are two of the most popular Minecraft players and they don’t owe all of their popularity to their fun personalities. These two individuals have proved themselves in many different events, like the Minecraft Championship (MCC), and have established themselves as names that Minecraft players look up to.

It’s hard to call any set of Minecraft settings the best out there, but there’s no doubt that these two players spend countless hours trying to optimize their Minecraft setup. While a custom setup that you’ll fine-tune over time will always work out better for you in the long run, there’s nothing wrong with looking at what veterans do to give yourself a head start.

Here’s everything we know about Dream and GeorgeNotFound’s Minecraft settings.

Dream’s Minecraft settings

SneakLeft Shift
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
Walk BackwardsS
Walk ForwardsW
Attack/DestroyLeft mouse button
Pick BlockMiddle mouse button
Use item/place blockRight mouse button
Drop selected itemsQ
Hotbar slot one1
Hotbar slot two2
Hotbar slot three3
Hotbar slot four4
Hotbar slot five5
Hotbar slot six6
Hotbar slot seven7
Hotbar slot eight8
Hotbar slot nine9
Swap item with offhandC

GeorgeNotFound’s Minecraft settings

Unlike Dream, there isn’t a lot of information available on GeorgeNotFound’s Minecraft settings. When inspected carefully, his settings don’t look that different from the default ones.

The most notable change GeorgeNotFound makes to his Minecraft client is his texture pack. Due to his protan color blindness, GeorgeNotFound uses a customized texture pack to distinguish objects in Minecraft easily. If you’d like to try out GeogeNotFound’s texture pack, you can check out the GeorgeNotFound Project’s Discord channel and learn more about how you can apply it to your game.