Dr Disrespect’s impersonations of Ninja, TimTheTatman, and Nadeshot are so bad they’re perfect

Impersonations may not be his forte.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

One of Twitch’s best entertainers tried his hand at some impersonations today—and he probably shouldn’t quit his day job.

Dr Disrespect has been enjoying his time in the new Call of Duty: Warzone. But before queuing up for some matches with CouRage and DougisRaw today, someone in his chat suggested he play with TimTheTatman, also known as “Timmy Tenders.”

Tim, however, was already playing with Ninja and Nadeshot, creating just one of many star-studded trios that have been playing the new battle royale from Activision.

What followed was a hilarious series of impersonations aimed at Ninja, Tim, and Nadeshot that were simultaneously underwhelming, ridiculous, and funny all at the same time.

The impersonations were basically just different pitched tones of Dr Disrespect saying “bro,” “100 Thieves,” “Adidas,” and “Jeeps”—and we’re here for it. Doc slammed his desk to accentuate his thoughts on the matter.

While the Doc might not have a future as an impressionist any time soon, he’ll continue to dominate Twitch for the foreseeable future. He has over 35,000 people watching him play Warzone right now and the “arena” is packed.