DrDisrespect wants to start playing GTA RP

We might see Doc joining and streaming at NoPixel soon.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm could start playing and streaming GTA V’s roleplaying mode soon, if he gets a helping hand.

“I want in GTA RP,” he wrote on Twitter yesterday. This most likely means he wants an account to play in the main GTA V roleplaying server for streamers, NoPixel. This is an exclusive server where big streamers have priority to jump into the game world with the character they’re interpreting, and everyone must fill out an application form to have access to the servers and be granted an authorized account.

NoPixel administrators are clear that big streamers indeed have priority both in the analysis of their applications and in the queue to join the server. If Dr Disrespect has already sent an application to NoPixel and, assuming admins see his tweet, he might get his application approved soon.

One of the main requirements to be accepted in NoPixel is, not surprisingly, to be a good role player. Guy Beahm built his entire streaming career around his fictional character DrDisrespect, to the point where it’s hard to say they’re not the same person. He probably won’t have to explain much about his commitment to roleplaying in his application.

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GTA V was the third most-watched game of the past 30 days on Twitch with almost 64 million hours watched and an average 88,000 viewers across all channels, according to statistics website Sullygnome. Most of the big GTA V streamers on the platform are playing GTA RP on NoPixel, so we can say that the roleplaying mod is what’s making the game’s numbers skyrocket.

If DrDisrespect joins NoPixel, he’ll be able to play with the game’s biggest streamer, Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar. Summit was the fourth most-watched individual streamer on the platform in the last 30 days, mostly thanks to his GTA RP streams. He was behind Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek.

DrDisrespect is, of course, already a big Twitch name, and his channel could grow even further if combined with GTA RP’s success on the platform.