Dr Disrespect set to meet with YouTube to discuss changes for streamers

The potential meeting comes after the streamer shared his criticism of the platform.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect seems to be getting the opportunity to take YouTube’s streaming service “to the next level.”

Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube gaming, and the Doc, will be setting up a meeting to discuss changes to the platform, according to an exchange between the pair. This conversation stemmed from Dr Disrespect voicing his criticism of YouTube’s slow rollout of their clipping feature.

In a clip from his stream, The Doc said that all it would take to make positive changes for streamers on YouTube is for the two to get together in a board room at Google.

Responding to the clip, Wyatt shared that YouTube is working on new features for the streaming side of the platform that he believes the Doc will appreciate.

During the full stream, Dr Disrespect elaborated more on YouTube’s streaming platform, claiming that it is “underdeveloped” by highlighting some of its new and missing features.

Dr Disrespect isn’t the only streamer who has spoken out about YouTube’s lack of features. Fellow streamers including Valkyrae have spoken out on the issue in the past.

Twitch’s clipping feature has and remains an extremely valuable tool in helping creators spread the reach of their content, as well as recording important milestones during broadcasts. The feature was first introduced to the platform in July 2016.

YouTube began testing their clipping feature in January, rolling it out to a limited group of creators. Right now, there is no clear timeframe for when this feature could be released platform-wide for all creators to use.