Dr Disrespect posts new song after teasing his return to streaming

He's back.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

The most ruthless competitor in gaming is back with another banger. 

Dr Disrespect broke his silence today after he went live on Instagram, teasing his possible return to streaming later today. Shortly after, the Doc posted his latest music video titled “Red Skies,” which depicts his struggles following his mysterious permanent Twitch ban in June. 

In the music video, Doc is seen overlooking a modern city with typical red and black colors beaming from the buildings. He looks saddened as he sings about his irreplaceability as a streamer while thunder and rain pour from the sky. 

“I don’t even know why I try anymore, I don’t even know, you can’t replace me,” Doc said in the music video uploaded to his YouTube channel. 

After the one-minute mark, once the music falls into a crescendo, Doc can be seen making a call on his iconic flip phone. 

In the song, Doc said “it’s time to break free,” which could suggest that he’s likely moving to another platform for the foreseeable future. This platform could be YouTube, where Doc has amassed almost two million subscribers

Earlier today, Doc added a $4.99 join button to his YouTube channel following his Instagram live. This is similar to a Twitch subscription, where viewers can pay to obtain loyalty badges and exclusive emotes. 

Doc’s future will likely be addressed soon since he’s probably itching to get back into full-time streaming following his ban from Twitch.