Dr Disrespect gets his first no-hit boss kill in Elden Ring

The Two-Time aces his first boss.

Photo via MLG

Popular streamer and prolific FPS player Dr Disrespect earned one of the highest accolades in Elden Ring: killing a boss without being hit once.

The Two-Time has ventured out of his comfort zone recently and picked up the latest FromSoftware action RPG, Elden Ring. Without any experience in the company’s previous titles such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Sekiro, viewers highly anticipated Doc’s debut in the open-world addition to the beloved franchise.

Dr Disrespect’s typical showmanship accompanied him on his journey in Elden Ring. He brought new overlays, fan art, and even staged an entire intro sequence as he began the game. Learning the mechanics and quirks of a Dark Souls-like game has certainly tested the former Streamer of the Year, but his opinions on the game seem to be mostly positive despite the challenges.

Three streams and well over 15 hours into the game, Dr Disrespect achieved one of the highest honors in any FromSoftware game: the no-hit run. Killing a boss without being hit once is a rite of passage for any player hoping to call themselves skilled at any Elden Ring-like game, with some players even going through an entire title without being struck once. This accomplishment usually comes through incredible repetition and mastery over specific boss fights, and normally isn’t obtained on a first run-through.

Doc had spent almost an hour squaring off against the Ancient Hero of Zamor, each time progressing just a little bit further on his opponent’s health bar. After learning the fight by trial and error, though, Dr Disrespect honed in. On his final run, the Two-Time didn’t miss a beat and slew the boss before it even got to land a single hit on him.

Dr Disrespect couldn’t contain his emotions after getting his first perfect boss fight, shouting in excitement. Far from finished with the game, the Doc will have countless more attempts to ace much harder fights.