Does Among Us have crossplay?

It's an important question for all games nowadays.

Image via Innersloth

Among Us rose in popularity during 2020, and Innersloth is continuing to bolster its offerings by bringing the game to players on PlayStation and Xbox later this week.

Whether you’re on PC or not, you may be wondering that with new consoles getting access to the game, can you play alongside your friends?

Is Among Us crossplay-compatible?

Image via InnerSloth

Yes! Among Us does have crossplay, meaning that you can play with friends no matter what device they’re using to connect to the game.

With the release of the game on mobile, it was always possible to play alongside those on PC. If you want to use this feature, here’s how to go about playing crossplay with friends.

  • Start Among Us up on your device and log into your account if you have one.
  • At the main menu, look to the bottom right corner of the screen so you know what server you’re playing on. Your friends need to select the same.
  • From the main menu, select ‘Create Game.’
  • Set up the lobby with your choice of map, player count, and more.
  • Once in the lobby screen, share the code at the bottom of the screen with other players. They should be able to join as normal.
  • From there, you should see them appear in the ship and be ready to get into the action.