DisguisedToast returns to Twitch with non-gaming content

Toast is back on Twitch, but in a limited capacity.

Screengrab via DisguisedToast

After leaving Twitch for Facebook Gaming back in November DisguisedToast is back on Twitch, at least in a small capacity. 

In a bid to reconnect with the audience on Twitch that didn’t follow him over during the move, Toast went live on his old channel for the first time in five months to start a new “Blind eDating” series. He quickly garnered over 20,000 viewers, launching him into the top 10 streamers on the site and the top spot of the Just Chatting category.

According to Toast, his partnership managers at Facebook gave him the green light to broadcast on Twitch again since the content is not related directly to gaming, which is the entire focus of Facebook Gaming. His new eDating series will focus on dating a new girl each week and then playing games with them for content. 

For at least the first dating session, Toast will be hosting the interactions on Twitch before moving the “Gaming eDate” content back over to his Facebook Gaming page.

Because he is partnered with Facebook, Twitch removed the subscription option from Toast’s channel, leaving viewers to donate hundreds of dollars to the streamer during his return.

Toast asked the donors to instead save their money or donate it to coronavirus relief charity funds. He even went as far as donating some of the money given to him live on stream.


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