Disguised Toast temporarily banned on Twitch

The streamer won’t be playing with any friends who are live on Twitch during the ban.

Screengrab via DisguisedToast

Twitch banned popular streamer Disguised Toast from the platform yesterday for “unmoderated hateful conduct,” the streamer shared on Twitter.

Although Twitch doesn’t point to specific reasons for bans, Disguised Toast said he believes the ban is because of an old Twitch clip he watched during a recent stream that includes a slur. Twitch also did not give an exact time frame for the ban.

“Not a big deal since I don’t usually stream there but does mean I have to avoid playing with any friends streaming for a few days,” Disguised Toast wrote. “Didn’t get a specific reason but if I had to guess: I was watching an old twitch clip of mine that includes a toxic player using the f slur against me. Will try to be more careful in the future.”

Disguised Toast made the leap to Facebook Gaming in November 2019 but has streamed on Twitch on occasion to connect with parts of his audience that are not on Facebook.

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Facebook Gaming has rights to Disguised Toast’s live content, but according to Toast, the platform said he can stream on Twitch as long as he doesn’t play games. Disguised Toast has returned to Twitch on multiple occasions to stream in the Just Chatting category.

Fans of Disguised Toast can continue to watch the streamer on Facebook Gaming.