Disguised Toast streams on Twitch for the second time since signing with Facebook Gaming

He just wanted to say "hi."

Screengrab via DisguisedToast

Disguised Toast signed a streaming deal with Facebook Gaming in November, but it hasn’t completely stopped his Twitch streams.

Toast went live on Twitch yesterday for the second time since signing with Facebook Gaming, and even though his stream was short, fans were excited to see him back. He averaged more than 26,000 viewers during his hour-long stream, as he spent a lot of his time talking about some of streaming biggest news stories, including Offline TV’s sexual harassment issues involving Fedmyster, as well as Mixer’s shutdown.

While Facebook Gaming has rights to Disguised Toast’s live content, the streamer asked the platform earlier this year if it would be okay for him to make an occasional appearance on Twitch to say hello to the portions of his audience that may not have followed him to Facebook.

According to Toast, Facebook said that he is allowed to stream in Twitch, as long as he doesn’t play games. Toast’s recent stream is his second on Twitch since signing with Facebook. In his first return in April, Toast was live for almost nearly three hours with an average of almost 20,000 viewers.

While Toast’s viewership on Twitch this year is likely higher than what he’s managed to reel in on Facebook, Facebook Gaming’s overall viewership has had notable growth relative to the rest of the streaming industry.

In April this year, the platform saw a higher year-over-year percentage growth rate than any of its competitors, Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming. Meanwhile, the closing of Mixer announced last week has resulted in the platform encouraging its content creators to move to Facebook Gaming.