Disguised Toast says Valkyrae is ‘susceptible to being taken advantage of’ but remains responsible for her business choices

Disguised Toast weighs in on Valkyrae's situation.

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

Member of OfflineTV and prevalent streaming figure Disguised Toast weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding Valkyrae’s skincare line, RFLCT, which claims to protect skin from blue light damage—though this has been heavily disputed.

During his Twitch livestream earlier today, Disguised Toast spoke on Valkyrae’s business decisions. “She has shown me to be naive, impulsive, and overly loyal to people and an org that don’t necessarily deserve her loyalty,” Toast said. “Unfortunately, that means she is susceptible to being taken advantage of.”

Though the 29-year-old streamer gave some insight into Valkyrae’s business disposition that may have put her in this situation, Disguised Toast didn’t fully exonerate her of blame. “Now that being said, it is also her responsibility, and her team’s responsibility, to make sure that if she gets into ventures to make sure that it is the right choice,” Toast said.

Notably, the Canadian streamer mentioned Valkyrae’s organization, 100 Thieves, several times throughout his assessment. Disguised Toast seemed critical of the role 100 Thieves played in the ongoing drama, an opinion other streamers like xQc have shared.

During the height of the controversy involving the skincare line, Valkyrae removed her position as 100 Thieves co-owner from her Twitter bio. As she said on stream, this move was made to distance the esports organization from the controversy.

Although she’s not a part of OfflineTV, Valkyrae has appeared in content with OTV members, including Disguised Toast, and featured members on stream. During Valkyrae’s response stream, she said the ordeal has shown her “who her true friends are.”

Valkyrae has yet to respond to Disguised Toast or the various other streamers who have commented on her situation. Since the initial backlash regarding RFLCT hit, Valkyrae has only streamed once to clarify and respond to the drama.


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