Disguised Toast asks viewers to stop subscribing to his Twitch channel

“You’re already giving tons of support so thank you.”

Screengrab via Disguised Toast

YouTuber and streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is encouraging fans to avoid subscribing to his channel, continuing his humble mission of spreading the love throughout the streaming community.

The Canadian content creator made the modest request on his Twitter today, urging viewers to support smaller streamers instead. Disguised Toast removed donations from his stream in August and asked fans to give that money to charity.

“After turning off donations on my stream, I’m going to ask all my viewers to not Subscribe and instead use that $5 and sub to a smaller streamer,” Disguised Toast said. “When you’re watching the stream, you’re already giving tons of support so thank you. Go make someone’s day with that sub.”

The altruistic declaration earned the support of fans, who are offering up new aliases for the streamer like “Wholesome Toast” and “Niceguy Toast.” Others are jokingly worried about their long subscriber streaks.

The lack of donations and subscriptions would do little to hurt Disguised Toast’s pocket. Between YouTube views, sponsorships, advertisements, and tournaments, the streamer likely has plenty of other avenues to generate income.

Disguised Toast initially rose to popularity from Hearthstone videos. He eventually incorporated other games into his broadcast, like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Fans eager to watch the humble streamer in action⁠—without subscribing or donating⁠—can tune into his Twitch channel.